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Want to advertise or maybe buy securities buyers in addition to the information?
We do not promote the rule book or maybe take the title, information, e - mail, or perhaps a few details to the purchaser.

What kind of information that I finish than expected?
We ask you to submit the details, if you see a good profit. e-mail address, in addition to the withdrawal of the credit card - name, address, telephone number, E: This type of information will add the following. All we can also manage an archive of their products and services. If you send your own to get into a good address in addition to your billing address, we were all asked to go to be treated in addition entitled "ship".

As part of our online store uses the presence Post details?
necessary critical computer data, as well as providing its approach have to do with a person gets. Your details will refund to pay your charge card organization. Mail - If you find issues related to their advantage, we are going to talk to a person by phone or maybe.

We usually work with many references from some of our customers for a part of our website, but only if there is a categorical decision to do so.
Many products are placed on customer responses or maybe e - mail explicitly. More contacts busy with buyer information is to determine generally not men and women. Alternatively, to identify some of our customers as a group, for example, all the people who ordered the compact size s, or maybe people who have obtained exclusively from the period during the calendar year. Sometimes information about all capture our customers, profits, targeted traffic to look for ways on some of our website, except for the informative website. These types of statistics are used as marketing communications in addition, they tend to identify as part of our global survey men and women.

How can a part of our retailers web site a safe place to learn how often?
We work with state - of-the - technology to encrypt financial information before sending. immediately order allocation of a portion of our website, it is actually covered in this way, which is classified as "safe." trans confident seriously is not necessary when it comes to some of the articles or images, normal details that are not used. This particular retains a part of our web site faster and finding enjoyable practical knowledge. So that you have come in any way to take care of the delivery of the images on the debit card.

Part of our commitment to the safety statistics
To prevent the illegal entry to manage the correct records, in addition to the correct fuse with the help of information, you run the appropriate physical, electronic, digital, as well as leading types of procedures to protect themselves from each other for the knowledge that we get safe - line.

How accurate details to enter, or maybe
E 'can record all your private information about him and I in addition to line management by the contact with you. We use this procedure to better ensure the information.
E 'right to information errors in your Personal Information by sending e-mail that you have problems with any credible exhibition.
For your own privacy, beyond security, we will also take into account the individuality of Justice policy, first for authentication generating after registration, or maybe the changes.
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